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    Welcome to CE Exchange where we are passionate about ensuring CE success through innovative, digital tools that will assist your continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities. We live in a connected world, with powerful technologies at our fingertips, and we understand how importPassionant it is to integrate those things into the continuing education learning experience.

    We make it a point to remember that in the rush to embrace everything digital, many technology based companies forget that people, not robots are the end users.


    CE Exchange is driven by two core principles:

    1. The Value of “Relevant” Education and its importance in the growth of a Professional.
    2. Always staying up to date with the progress that education is making in the digital age.

    We believe that when there is a focus on these two areas and they are aligned properly, entire industries and the professionals that make up those industries move forward. When not embraced, things move slow and industries fall behind.


    We want to walk together side by side with Healthcare professionals and do everything we can to “Ensure Your CE Success.”

  • the ce tool

    Track, Manage, and Securely Store CE Certificates in a Single Location

    We make managing continuing education simple with the first-of-its-kind CE Tool - making it easy for you to view state requirements, customize your certifications, manage multiple licenses and receive monthly updates about your current renewal cycle CE progress.

  • My ce market

    The Simplest Way to Stay on Top of Your CE

    myCEMarket connects professionals and CE providers.

    Finding and registering for your next live CE event, webinar,

    or online course has never been easier.

  • Podcasts

    Audio stories with influencers in dentistry that entertain, inform, and inspire.

    The Digital Classroom Audio Podcast

    The Digital Classroom Podcast is a show about WHAT'S NEW and WHAT'S NEXT when it comes to the influential people behind Dental Continuing Education. Getting ahead and learning more is crucial to professional development and continuing education is the foundation.

    Get ready to have some fun and learn some behind the scene information such as, "what song best describes each company" and "what special talents some of their employees have," as we venture into the 60 second lighting round!

    The Digital Tradeshow Audio Podcast

    The Digital Tradeshow is a podcast about WHAT'S NEW and WHAT'S NEXT when it comes to the products and services you are currently using or want to use in your dental practice. Technology is changing fast when it comes to the products of the future, so knowing even more about the companies you use is crucial. Learn "who" they are "why" they do what they do and "how" they are different when it comes to their approach and their mission.

    The Digital Tradeshow-LIVE

    Live Interviews with guests from The Digital Tradeshow Podcast

    The Digital Classroom-LIVE

    Live Interviews with guests from The Digital Classroom Podcast

    I've Got 10 Video Podcast

    10 Minute Pitch Videos from Amazing Dental Vendors!

  • CE Vue

    Complete CE Compliance and Auditing Solution for Boards

    Complete Audits in Seconds

    Audits are a critical piece of compliance, but many organizations struggle with the time and cost associated with the manual process. We save you both time and money by providing an intelligent tool that allows easy management,
    and tracking of audit reports.

    Reduce Administrative Work

    Our automated system reduces the time spent creating lengthy spreadsheets and cluttered, paperwork-ridden investigations pertaining to audits certification requirements. Automation saves a significant amount of time since it allows employees and HR to focus on what is important.

    Intelligent Data Reporting

    Manage a comprehensive record database within the system for all licensees. Administrators have the ability to export data for further analysis.

    Increase Efficiency

    Eliminate the need to manually keep track of massive amounts of paper. Our easy to use interface improves your auditing process by limiting the amount of time spent performing full, partial, or individual audits.

    Customized to Your Needs

    Customize certification categories and types under each category based on your state needs. Set optional and mandatory learning requirements or certification options per license and specialty.

    Empower Licensees

    We make managing continuing education simple with The CE Tool, making it easy for licensees to view state requirements, customize their information and receive updates about upcoming courses in their area.

    eLicensing Connectivity

    Ready-to-go API technology designed to connect with a state's eLicensing renewal system.

    Automated CE Alerts and Updates

    Automatic email notifications are sent monthly to your licensee's keeping them up to date on their CE progress for the current renewal cycle.

    Mobile App

    Licensees can easily upload course certificates through their mobile device.

    No Hidden Costs

    Our CE auditing software is completely free for State Organizations & Licensees, setting us apart from our competitors.

    Request a Demo

    We invite you to request a customized CE VUE demo and see for yourself how The CE Exchange can help your organization!

    Click on this email address, info@ce.exchange and send us a quick email to request a demo of our system.

  • TsyS

    Preferred Payment Processes Partner

    TSYS® is one of the nation’s leading providers of payment processing services and CE Exchange’s endorsed payment processing provider. Committed to providing state-of-the-art payment technology and data security, TSYS offers innovative solutions to satisfy the needs and demands of your medical providers, including:

    • Acceptance of all major credit and debit card brands
    • Payment plans for patients who need more time
    • Quick and easy patient payments on your practice’s website
    • Automatically posting payments to your practice management system
    • A secure payment processing gateway

    Plus, with an infrastructure designed to support medical practices of all sizes, TSYS offers specialized tools and services to help you maximize provider acquisition and retention. Their dedicated business development support team and customized sales programs will help drive your organization’s growth.


    As a leader in the payment processing industry, TSYS is trusted by thousands of medical practices, and has been rated #2 in healthcare payments processing*. And with decades of experience, your providers can rest assured they’ll get the help they need, when they need it, with TSYS’ 24/7, U.S.-based customer service and support.


    ©2018 Total System Services, Inc. TSYS® is a federally registered service mark of Total System Services, Inc.® All rights reserved. *stat disclaimer here. TS7901


    Give them a call at 844-545-6255 or Email ceexchange@tsys.com

  • amventure

    Preferred Business Insurance Partner

    Workers’ Compensation & General Liability Insurance

    Protect your practice with workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

    In an exciting new partnership, we can now offer dental professionals an opportunity to save on their workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

  • CE course Sponsorship

    Become a CE Exchange Course Provider

    Lifelong learning in the dental industry is a 21st century necessity. Our mission at the CE Exchange as a provider of continuing education is to help dental professionals meet federal and state training requirements by providing high quality comprehensive training programs and collaborating with CE providers and companies to offer our members a well rounded offering of courses.


    By partnering with the CE Exchange you’ll have the ability to offer AGD Pace approved continuing education courses via sponsorship offered by CE Exchange.


    In this day and age, word of mouth isn’t enough to drive prospective learners to your continuing education program. Marketing your online program takes a keen focus on the fundamentals of modern marketing techniques, as well as a firm grasp on the technological proficiencies necessary to manage an online learning environment. When you partner with the CE Exchange, we support your marketing efforts and help drive our members to our partner courses.


    For more information, contact Megan Savransky, VP of Marketing and CE Specialist at 216-408-0493 or by email at megan@ce.exchange.


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